This exhibition explores society's inconvenient humans - those of us who aren't deemed necessary!

IBA_International Body of Arts
29th May - 1st June 2024
9b Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA
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Each of the 4 exhibiting projects, (A, B, C, D), highlight a unique response to the disparity of life's opportunities within the structures of class & disability. DYSPLA presents an overt exploration of capitalist unipolar politics that systemically subtracts the underclass as an economic loss, replacing them via superior technocratic selection. Each day, DYSPLA will be running their signature, fear performative exhibition, where members of the public can engage in the act of confession and bearing witness.
A) Intergenerational
B) Self Censorship in Art WORKSHOP
C) Workers of Tomorrow
D) Abort the Poor

DYSPLA is a disabled-led, award-winning arts studio, supported by the Arts Council England, producing the work of Neurodivergent storymakers. DYSPLA makes art and conducts research into the Neurodivergent Aesthetic with a focus on short form digital poetics.

IBA (International Body of Art) is an arts company dedicated to finding, supporting, and exhibiting the world’s most exciting emerging artists. From our collaborative funding platform to creative workshops and unique exhibitions, we bridge the gaps between artists and their audiences to aid a more intimate, inclusive, and proactive art world. 

WORKSHOP: The audience will be invited to become a collaborator on live artwork DYSPLA_fear. An artwork exploring the fear of one's own thoughts. Audiences will be captured in 3D while being interviewed about freedom of expression and self censorship. Each individual digital sculpture, created in collaboration with our audience, will be exhibited at a future exhibition.

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