The Life and Death of an Anonymous Autistic Man_an experimental film installation invites the viewer to confront the question of mortality and the role that pathology and the dehumanisation of the self has within the lived experience of autism.
Directed by Daniel Bendelman
Produced by DYSPLA

A screening of this film was held at DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival, Crypt Gallery, London, 14th - 18th March 2018.

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‘Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, have you had a nice day?’

“On average autistics die at 36 due to isolation and depression, I’m 31. Are pills my only saviour? Or my ultimate downfall?”

Daniel Bendelman is a neurodivergent installation artist and academic whose work and practice is concerned with exploring the effects that the stereotypes produced within autism representation in the media has in the public sphere. His practice embodies the post-dramatic and Kafkaesque radical aesthetics of 21st century live art, and works to make spectators confront urgent issues surrounding the politics of autism today. His previous installation ‘We Were Here…’ has been exhibited at The Autism Arts Festival at The University of Kent, and ‘Fragments’ was exhibited at The Brink Festival at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

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