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360º film 

The UK Electoral Commission warns that 1 in 4 Black and Asian people in the UK are not registered to vote. This form of political exclusion is systematic and designed to prevent political as well as civic engagement.

This 360º Artist film of poetic portraiture highlights the controls which block our democracy. Featuring Political Activists, Lawyers, Trade Unionists and Politicians filmed during the controversial Black Councillor de-selections in the 2017/2018 Enfield elections.

Black people make up more than a fifth (20.6%) of Enfield borough's population, yet there are only 3 black Councillors out of 63. A lack of Representation is also present in all aspects of society from Education, Social-Economics, Health Care, The Judiciary System, and Culture. To change the system, one must first be a part of it and that starts with the most basic of political rights - the right to Vote.

Performed by Chante Paris.
Featuring activists from Enfield North Labour Party inclu
ding Ali Demerici, Chancey Anakambi, Chrissy Poole, Delia Mattis, John Pandit and Milambu Kiyoyo.

Directed by Lennie Varvarides and Kazimir Bielecki, Writen by Lennie Varvarides.
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