heyBAE_features a married genderfluid couple, Jorja and Jax James, kissing set to an interview with right wing commentator Faith Goldy. In this film we ask the question, how free are we when we're not free to think?
• By Other Means gallery, London, 9th March 2018

'no platforming' and refusing to allow people to air their views, thoughts and instincts can lead to damage to an individuals mental health and societal deverstation.

Acceptance of one's political tropes is an easy way to live. Unquestioning and safe. Defined by Metamodernism, like many people we’ve started to look beyond our childhood programming and re-evaluate our moral positioning. This film opens a delicate but essential debate about freedom of speech. The calls for no platforming and the accusations of poisonous hate speech counter our democratic freedoms and in recent times have lead to dangerous results.