The phenomenology of Neurodivergence across generations

This is an essay, film & series of billboard posters, combining the personal, political, historical and socio-cultural impacts of growing up neurodivergent child in an immigrant household.  Inspired by and written for the British Achievebility E-Journal 2023/24
Artist: DYSPLA (Lennie Varvarides, Kazimir Bielecki)
Title: The phenomenology of Neurodivergence across generations
Year: 2024
Essay: 3694 words
Film: 27min 46 sec, 4k, .mp4
Billboard posters: 12 x (1x15m) blue backed billboard paper, 130gsm

Press play above to hear an extract of essay read by Author, Lennie Varvarides.

The Achieveability Journal, where this essay features, can be found via the following link... AchieveAbility Journal 2024: Neurodiverse Voices: Intergenerational Differences

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In addition, the journal aims to:
• provide a forum for exchange and debate that informs policy, strategy and practice on Neurodiversity within our society
• support, promote and publish research-informed work of established and new academics and practitioners in the f ields of education, training, employment, social justice and cultural change
• foster interdisciplinary work of Neurodivergent authors to find new audiences in the journal fields

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