Sit Stand Smoke

DYSPLA were invited by Linda Curtin and David Keating to contribute two scenes in a Virtual Reality artwork about the Irish Masterpiece ‘Men of the South’ by romantic-realist painter Sean Keating.

‘Men of the South’, painted between 1921–22, shows a group of IRA men waiting to ambush the British Military during the Irish War of Independence.

In collaboration with Curtin & Keating, DYSPLA used Volumetric Capture and Photogrammetry techniques to create the sequences and 5 additional digital sculptures.
Title: Sit Stand Smoke
Year: 2024
Digital Sculptures: 5 x .gITF, 100mb (approx.)
VR Film: .mp4 12 mins (approx.)

The VR film, Sit Stand Smoke by Linda Curtin and David Keating is on display at the Crawford Gallery, Cork, Ireland from the 26 April – 5 May 2024. Visit the Crawford Gallery website for more information

Synopsis from the Crawford Gallery, Cork
“Linda Curtin and David Keating’s SIT STAND SMOKE is a brief adventure in a virtual reality (VR) experience with art historian Éimear O’Connor giving insights to the characters that appear in Seán Keating’s iconic painting Men of the South (1921 - 1922). Eventually, Keating himself shows up with his own view on proceedings. Often considered a traditionalist, the artist seems unexpectedly curious about the new technology on display. Funny, surprising, and presenting more than the occasional contradiction - one might be reminded of Seán Keating’s own personality, and of his passions and obsessions.”

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