The Taliban Don’t Like My Knickers is a stylized two-hander play inspired by the novel In The Hands of the Taliban. Set in Afghanistan, the play is loosely based on the remarkable accounts of Yvonne Ridley–a British journalist captured by the Taliban in 2001.
Presented at...
• Camden Peoples Theatre, London, 11th-17th Nov 2013,
• Toronto Fringe Festival, Tarragon Theatre, 3rd-14th July 2013

Thanks to the support of POET and funding from Tom Berend,  DYSPLA were able to take The Taliban Don’t Like My Knickers – an original play – to the Toronto Fringe Festival. The Taliban Don’t Like My Knickers was devised and developed in 8 workshops and is our pilot into The White Box Process.

The Taliban Don’t Like My Knickers is an original idea by Greg Ward, Made by DYSPLA, directed by bielecki&bielecka, executively produced by Tom Berend, starring Yaron Shavit and Sarah Savage. It was part of the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival, and played at the Tarragon Extra Space July 3-14, 2013.

Re named ‘Y&P’, we presented at The Camden Peoples Theatre as part of DYSPLA 2013, in November 2013 and starred Louise Morell and Derek Horsham.

Each clip was projected on a loop as a backdrop to each scene of the play.

The clips were taken from films based in Afganistan
Kandaha 2001, Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Osama 2003, Directed by Siddiq Barmak Earth and Ashes 2004, Directed by Atiq Rahimi Rambo III 1988, Directed by Peter MacDonald The Kite Runner 2007, Directed by Marc Forster

After recieving confirmaion of our place at the Toronto Fringe Festival, we solicited for ideas from our network.