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A Triptych of volumetric AR holograms presneted on billboards and the centre pages of the local newspaper.
Our Enfield based artists have each been excluded from mainstream education and for reasons of personal safety they have been anonymised. This project lead a collective of teenagers through discussions on the concept of individualism (/ɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊ(ə)lɪz(ə)m/) to create ‘solgan poetry’ and recite their singular works in front of volumetric cameras. Relying on a societal increase of solipsistic philosophy these artworks represent the cognitive segregation of our children depicted as precious organic matter.

ENFIELD DISPATCH ARTICLE, January 2023https://enfielddispatch.co.uk/looking-beyond-the-individual/

This article describes the work of local artist, DYSPLA and their new digital art exhibition entitled DYSPLA_individualism, which was created in collaboration with excluded teenagers from Orchardside School in Enfield. The work was filmed in early 2022 at Orchardside School, a sanctuary for many students who are temporarily excluded from mainstream education.

“Trust yourself and look to your own, Trust yourself and look to your own…”  Words by Orchardside Student

Individualism is the idea that freedom of thought and ones individual actions, are the most important quality of a society, rather than investing in collectivisim and building a sense of community. The digital exhibition consists of Augmented Reality Poetic Holograms that can be seen on the streets of Enfield Wash as well as the centre page of January 2023’s edition of the Enfield Dispatch. 

Orchardside School experienced a tragic loss of a former student, who was stabbed outside the school gates in 2021.

Young people already know too much about death and exclusion and too many living in Enfield, feel isolated and unprotected. These feelings are evident in the poetry slogans the students created on themes of individualism and their concept of it.

“Follow me and forget yourself, forget myself, Follow me and forget yourself, forget myself…”

DYSPLA found the students to be intelligent, generous and honest with their views on life. These students, ranging from 14-18 were morally bound, insightful and able to fully commit to exploring solipsistic philosophy, cognitive and social segregation that leads to forms of "Megalothymia" and “Narcissism.”

The school was accommodating and gave DYSPLA the opportunity to meet and work with many teenagers over the course of the project. Due to funding limitations we were only able to offer further development to 3 students. DYSPLA worked with them to finalise their poetry which they performed to volumetric cameras - These cameras capture depth information, creating 3D holograms that were manipulated in Blender, software used in Gaming.

The 3D moving images were then placed within 360° video of various Enfield street scenes resulting in a triptic of Augmented Reality prints.

“If I want Money, I work for it, If I want Money, I work for it, I work for my money…”

Students shared their world with DYSPLA; expressed their need to keep their distance, their lack of trust for authority, their fears for their safety, their lack of respect for a system that does not work for them and their ultimate desire to be seen as, “the golden child” which influenced DYSPLA’s aesthetic choices.

There is a epidemic of separation in our society. Since the late 70s, politicians have called to escalate the dog eat dog ideology that, “There is no such thing as society” and as a result, we are all losing out.

There is an urgent necessity for a coherent community and only as a community can we all benefit individually.

“If I’m the target, you are the target, If I’m the target, you are the target, I’m the target, you are the target…”

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