Short Film (6min 16sec)

Three women speak about the elusive 13 seconds of female orgasm.

CUM, LIKE A WOMAN is a provocative experimental look at the pleasure gap created by Alex Clarke and developed by DYSPLA as part of the story makers residency. Why are women not cumming at the same rate as men? If the average woman’s orgasm lasts thirteen seconds why is it so difficult to make time? Or is something deeper at play? Internalized male gaze, motherhood, and sexual assault are some themes touched upon as we follow three women’s experiences through the body of one woman. In essence, one woman is all women.  CUM, LIKE A WOMAN poses questions about the pleasure gap and will build the foundation for a Women’s Orgasm Archive (W.O.A) The W.O.A will collect women’s orgasm stories throughout 2023 to curate a picture of the pleasure gap by women for women for this generation and the next.

Written: Alex Clarke
Directed: Lennie Varvarides
Film & Edit: Kazimir Bielecki
Physical Performance: Alicia Radage
VO: Daisy May Parsons
VO: Kevin Layne
© 2023

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