Title: I Need Space (Perceived Space, Conceived Space and Lived Space)
Type: VR, Performative Video Portraiture and Artistic Prose

Commissioned by Unlimited and supported by the Arts Council England.

“Points and systems of reference inherited from the past are in dissolution. Values, whether or not they have been organised into more or less coherent ‘systems’, crumble and clash. Sooner or later, the cultivated elites find themselves in the same situation as people's dispossessed (alienated) through conquest and colonization. These elites find that they have lost their bearings. Why? Because nothing and no one can avoid trial by space - an ordeal which is the modern world's answer to the judgement of God or the classical conception of fate. It is in space, on a worldwide scale, that each idea of ‘value’ acquires or loses its distinctiveness through confrontation with the other values and ideas that it encounters there. Moreover - and more importantly - groups, classes or fractions of classes cannot constitute themselves, or recognize one another, as ‘subjects’ unless they can generate (or produce) a space. Ideas, representations or values which do not succeed in making their mark on space, and thus generating (or producing) an appropriate morphology, will lose all pith and become mere signs, resolve themselves into abstract descriptions, or mutate into fantasies.”  Lefebvre, H. (1974/91). The Production of Space. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing

Three neurodivergent artists; Creative Directors of the neurodivergent artist studio DYSPLA, Mother, Father and Daughter, Lennie, Kazimir & Ayaira. Living on top of each other over lockdown, their contrasting nurologies conflict and collaborate to create. Supported by Unlimited and the Arts Council England, the creative directors of DYSPLA and their 6 year old daughter, explored their artistic relationships to physical space producing this triptych of stereoscopic VR portraiture. While living and working on top of each other, this is a quiet depiction of love and turmoil in the everyday lives of 3 totalitarian minds dedicated to collaboration. Filmed during the Covid-19 lockdown on the 8th of April 2020.

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To accompany the video work, the two parents conducted an unvarnished discussion and asked each other if they needed space. High Sensitivity, Synesthesia, ADHD and Autism are key drivers of this Artwork and the following discussion, culminating in a direct depiction of the Neurodivergent Aesthetic.

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