XR Installation

DYSPLA_touch is a series of 13 volumetrically captured films depicting private moments of a neurodivergent (ND) female’s intimate life, written by Lennie Varvarides. 

Represented through self-touch audience participation, these films explore how the ‘narrative of touch’ develops poetic storytelling to new heightened extremes, while questioning the concept that the female body only exists through the touch of others.
There has never been a more crucial time to investigate the importance of human touch and to challenge humans' need for physical contact and the transference of oxytocin. Using ASMR techniques and Volumetric Capture, the single audience member explores the value of physical touch and human connection.

Extracts of these films have also be presented as Augmented Reality posters. The film below shows 3 AR examples from exhibitions at London South Bank University and Fore Street Gallery viewed via audiance memebers phones. 

• Lennie Varvarides - Creative Director
• Kazimir Bielecki - Creative Prodcuer
• Lou Doye - Consulting Producer
• Rosanna Bini - Collaborative Artist
• Emma Jane Hinds - Collaborative Artist
• Susanna Dye - Collaborative Artist

These films were created over the pandemic period of 2020-22 utilizing online workshops to explore other neurodivergent artists perception of touch. Access DYSPLA_audio via this link to hear post development discussions between our artists.

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