DYSPLA is a Comunity Interest Company (C.I.C) that survives on volunteers, donations, and public funding. We produce and explore the work of Neurodivergent Artists. With a small donation, collectively we can continue our important work elucidating the Neurodivergent Aesthetic.

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Monthly subsidised development workshop for Writers (£60), Actors (£20) & Directors (free).

This is a invite only workshop. Writers and Actors must have an offer from DYSPLA before booking. 

Visit dyspla.com/SURGERY-SCRIPTS for more information

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“SurgeryScript is a very rewarding experience–such a wonderful forum for creatives to work together on new pieces of writing.”

Art Book

Workers of Tomorrow is a Socialist Science Fiction. It tells the story of a future set in 2099, where humanity is altered through the metamorphosis of jobs.  Workers of Tomorrow focuses on the following four pillars of society: Health, Education, Law, and Creativity. The reader will be met with poetic prose from the Surgeon, the Teacher, the Lawyer and the Artist, who will share their testimony on how they have been impacted by Artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological developments.

Workers of Tomorrow is a limited edition art book with individual forwards by DYSPLA Founder and artist Lennie Varvarides and Kazimir Bielecki. It was created in conjunction with a Public Art Commission by Enfield Council for the Festival of Industry and funded by the Arts Council England.

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Find more information about the WORKERS OF TOMORROW project by visiting dyspla.com/workers_of_tomorrow

Please note, this artwork will be made available and delivered after the 6th of August 2024.

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