NEURODIVERSE VOICES: Calling for change from intersectional perspectives

Augmented Reality Holograms volumetrically captured and processed by DYSPLA. Humanities minds are a multitude of collaborative organisms that represent our sigular notion of consciousness. The ND brain is known to be particularly attuned. These works represent the collectivist nature of Neurodivergent cognition. Commissioned by Achieveability for the Achieveability E-Journal.

The AchieveAbility E-Journal is the research arm of the AchieveAbility charity and shares the organisation’s overall commitment to promoting policy and delivering practice for successful educational, employment and training opportunities for people who are neurodivergent and dyslexic.

The journal aims to provide a forum for exchange and debate that informs policy, strategy and practice on Neurodiversity within our society

• To support, promote and publish research-informed work of established and new academics and practitioners in the fields of education, training, employment, social justice and cultural change
• To foster interdisciplinary work of Neurodivergent authors to find new audiences in the journal field.

This film produced by DYSPLA profiles four neurodivergent authors for the third edition of the AchieveAbility journal. DYSPLA is an award winning arts organisation producing and developing the work of dyslexic and neurodivergent storymakers. Lennie Varvarides founder of DYSPLA is an Alumni of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD). The RCSSD host the virtual editions of the AchieveAbility E Journal. The foreword of this Journal has been written by Tanya Zybutz who co-ordinates the Dyslexia Service which she set up at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama 12 years ago

The imagery of the film has created a set of multidimensional visuals as a narrative for the overlayering intersectional perspectives of our neurodivergent voices in this journal. This film powerfully locates these voices within a multidimensional - neurodiverse framework.

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