Whose afraid of your thoughts?
Are you afraid to say what you think?
Do you censor your own thoughts?

Be part of an ethnographic art installation documenting the fear of your thoughts.
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Come and talk to Artist, Kazimir Bielecki, about your experience of self-censorship, intuition, a culture of fear and the broader concept of censorship in relation to political & sociological concepts or opinions. Kazimir Bielecki will interview you while capturing your responses in audio & 3D formats, utalising photogrametary and Structured-light technologies. The captured meterials will be featured in and help guide Kazimir’s final work for the School of the Damned master's program.                                                                                                                                      
Filming will take place within a 2m x 2m space, walled by 4 1x1.5m blue backed paper billboard posters hung from the ceiling of the MUD space.                                                                     
26-28th January 2024                                                                                                          
Bricks, St Anne's House Bristol BS4 4AB                                                                        

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