Creative Director and Producer
Kazimir Bielecki

An award winning neurodivergent artist Kazimir creates moving image and installation work with a strong narrative of social conscience and equality.

“In 2019 I directed and produced two Art Council England funded VR installations. ‘Two Women’, an intimate 360 film created for The Arts and Science Festival of Birmingham University and the BeatFreeks collective was featured as part of the Festival of Audacity. My second project, ‘Body of the Gods’ was commissioned by Bath University for the PASCCAL research group, and was presented at Asia House and The Canvas Gallery in London.

In 2018 I won Best Artist Film at the Aesthetica Film Festival for a dual channel moving image piece ‘Author of Expectation’, a collaboration with Lewisham College, funded by A New Direction. I have also produced the ACE funded installation FIGHT, which was presented at the Crypt Gallery in London; at an installation in Birmingham New Street Station, and exhibited at the Autism Arts Festival 2019 and Aesthetica Festival 2019.

As a disabled artist, my artistic practice is continually exploring the Neurodivergent Aesthetic and whether an aesthetic can be defined by the cognitive differences and creative methodology of neurodivergent artists. Within the British education system, neurodivergent children are stamped upon daily and ground into the playground tarmac. My work elaborates on the anger and life-long pain of being convinced that you are less than all around you. The restrictions of society mean we have lost hundreds and thousands of great minds due to an impotent pedagogy. Our world relies on innovation for survival, and without the mind of the other we are dead.”