LONDON MEDEA  - Feature Film

LONDON MEDEA - Feature Film
Written by Julia Pascal

A modern Medea arrives in London today. She is a Kurdish soldier fleeing persecution in Turkey. Medea, 33, now an asylum-seeker working secretly as a cleaner in a gym, meets thirty year old body-builder Jason, whose real name is
Mohammed. He is the son of an Iraqi cab driver. They fall in love and Medea gives birth to their twin boys. When Sahir, Jason's father, discovers that Jason is living with a Kurd, Sahir demands that Medea be abandoned. Under pressure, Jason ultimately rejects Medea and, marries his cousin Glauke. Medea is betrayed by her lover and, to revenge herself, commits an extraordinary act of aggression against those who seek to destroy her life.

Table Read directed by Lefteris Parasyris

CAST for Table Read 8th January 2020 Anna Savva
Saria Stayl
Tiran Aake
Fayez Bakhsh
Julia Langley
Shayla Nyx  -

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