Neurodivergent* Aesthetic

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An aesthetic is defined as the nature of beauty and taste from a specific perspective. We propose that the Neurodivergent Aesthetic is defined as art created by those who are neurodivergent. The neurodivergent aesthetic is neurodivergent thinking. Within society, this is known as backward, mixed up and dereistic. We propose that the ND aesthetic is the antithesis of the neurotypical arian idea of a monstrous and robotic, perfect mind. The ND Aesthetic is a transcendental, intuitive, humanist aesthetic, which is led by one's instincts and natural inclinations.

*NEURODIVERGENT - “Sometimes Abbreviated as ND, means having a style of neurocognitive functioning that diverges significantly from the dominant societal standards of ‘normal’. Neurodivergent people include dyslexics, dyspraxics, AD(H)D, autistics (including those with Asperger’s), dyscalculics, OCD, dysgraphics, Tourettes, etc.” (Hewlett, Cooper, 2017)


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