Body of the Gods is a 3D VR instalation allowing you to be the voyeur of the disabled body. Through the private environment of the VR headset, visitors are invited to stare and reflect on their experiences of viewing the body and to explore the language that they use to describe this.

• Bodyparts Exhibition, Aisa House, London, 2nd- 5th July 2019

Commissioned by the PASCALL Research Project and funded by the Arts Council England. Featuring models Nancy Harris and Dan Richards with voice over by Constantine Gregory.

Directed by DYSPLA, shot by Peter Collis.

Media coverage tends to focus on ‘aesthetically’ pleasing and ‘acceptable’ disabled bodies through a heightened visibility of disability that increasingly frames para-sport.  Many of the research participants reported that they felt able to stare at the television and these para-sport bodies, but not able to hold that stare in the same way if observing a disabled person in everyday settings. Instead, many reported that in the everyday ‘one would make a conscious effort not to stare’. Audiences also described the negotiations around what was termed ‘political correctness’ in how they talked about disability and of ‘polite distancing and discomforting’ when ‘doing talk’ about disability and para-sport.

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